Graffiti Removal From Natural Areas

In early 2017, Natural Restorations launched our Graffiti Removal Program. This program is part of our Dedicated Restoration Team Services for natural areas across the state. We remove graffiti, we do not paint over it. We are proud to use Graffiti Removal Products and the EcoBlaster Portable Pressure Washer & Water Source from World's Best Graffiti Removers. It works extremely well for us, especially in remote and difficult to reach areas, and their customer service can't be beat. If you come across graffiti in natural areas, please contact us. Check out these pictures (click for larger images) from recent projects at Lower Sycamore and Mesquite Wash on the Tonto National Forest. 

We're proud of the work our Dedicated Restoration Team is accomplishing. Here are some pictures of the graffiti removal process in action. 

Portability can be a big problem when working with graffiti removal in remote wilderness areas, but not for Natural Restorations. Check out Justin removing graffiti from areas most would deem impossible to remove and suggest painting over. We never paint over graffiti, we remove it!

(Click picture for larger images)