We conserve land through restoration, education, and outreach.


Some of the Earth's greatest landscapes are threatened by increased dumping of trash in natural areas and many are being closed to the public. We want these ares to remain open to the public for future generations to enjoy. We aim to remove anything unnatural to the environment from these areas and restore them to their natural state, but we cannot achieve our goals alone.

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Find out about our organization, mission, our methods, and the results of our commitment to natural areas.

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Our cleanups provide immediate, visible results. Check out all of our before, during and after pictures, videos and more.

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Natural Restorations is proud to announce that we have been selected to be a recipient of the Buffalo Exchange Tokens for Bags® program—July through December 2016. You can now donate to Natural Restorations just by shopping at Buffalo Exchange in Phoenix. The Tokens for Bags® program offers every customer who opts to use a reusable bag (or to not use a bag at all) one “token” valued at $.05 USD (the cost to produce a bag) to donate to one of several local charities selected by the store employees. The program has generated over $656,790 for thousands of local nonprofit organizations since 1994 and has saved an estimated 13.1 million bags from the landfill. 

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