Photo by Tom Corey

Photo by Tom Corey

Memorial Donations

If you wish to make a donation in remembrance of someone, you can do so by mail or online. Please include the name of the person you are donating for.

If they wish, the deceased's immediate family may include a brief biography or other explanatory text. This will be added to the In Memoriam page. Please contact us to pursue this option.

Upon receipt of memorial donations a thank you letter is mailed to the family member designated, with a listing of all donators names and addresses. Monetary amounts are not indicated in this letter to the family. Additionally, a thank you card is sent to each donor from Natural Restorations. To have donations made to Natural Restorations in memory of your loved one, indicate in the obituary to send donations to Natural Restorations.

To use the mail, a check should be made out to the Arizona Trail Association (our non-profit fiscal sponsor) with Natural Restorations in the check memo and mailed to:

Arizona Trail Association

Attn:Natural Restorations

PO Box 36736

Phoenix, AZ 85067-6736

To make an online donation, click on the PayPal Donate button below. At the PayPal site you will be prompted to enter a description of your donation in the "Item" field and the donation amount in the "Unit Price" field. Your donation will first go to our non-profit fiscal sponsor, the Arizona Trail Association. When you type Natural Restorations in the notes section, this ensures the Arizona Trail Associations gets your donation to Natural Restorations.

The Arizona Trail Association is Natural Restorations non-profit fiscal sponsor. When you donate to Natural Restorations, 100% of your donation is tax deductible through the Arizona Trail Associations 501(c)(3) Federal EIN 86-0762149. Donations will appear on your bank or credit card statement as the Arizona Trail Association.

Fiscal sponsorship refers to the practice of non-profit organizations offering their legal and tax-exempt status to groups engaged in activities related to the organizations mission.