09/15/18 Bull Pen Day Use Area & Swimming Hole Cleanup

Coconino National Forest - Red Rock District

For our first International Coastal Cleanup we teamed up with our friends at REI to remove trash from Bull Pen Day Use Area & Swimming Hole on the Coconino National Forest - Red Rock District. Team members from the REI Goodyear Distribution Center, REI Flagstaff, and REI Chandler joined us for a day of stewardship and fun along West Clear Creek.

We hiked along the creek, picking up 156.2 pounds of scattered trash found along the trails and in the water. After our cleanup, we gathered for lunch & enjoyed sandwiches & beverages from Panera Bread at Dana Park in Mesa. Thank you so much to everyone from REI who came out to help us make an impact on this area.

Volunteers helped us remove aluminum cans, plastic & glass bottles, straws, wrappers, air-soft gun pellets, a car bumper, a satellite dish, a car brake rotor, styrofoam cups, plates, shoes and flip-flops, clothing, a lot of pieces of plastic & broken glass, plastic cups, drink boxes, plastic & glass bottle tops, abandoned camping gear, & much more. Proper planning & responsible recreation could have prevented all of this trash from every being left behind in this gorgeous wilderness area. Please make a plan for your trash every time you go out! ⠀

Each year, on the 3rd Saturday in September, teams of energetic volunteers descend on beaches, lakes, rivers, and streams all over the world to clean up trash and debris, on land and in the water. Thank you to everyone at the Ocean Conservancy for their support of this event. We are proud to have been a part of their International Coastal Cleanup and part of a worldwide effort to clean up trash and debris on land and in the water.

This project was also possible due to support from American Rivers, CopperPoint Insurance, Desert Monsters Tours, LeBaron & Carroll LLC, the Ocean Conservancy, OdySea Aquarium Foundation, REI Goodyear Distribution Center, and SRP. We cannot thank them enough for their support! 

We would also like to thank Danielle Boulais, Wild & Scenic Rivers/Wilderness Coordinator with the
Coconino National Forest - Red Rock Ranger District for all of her support & for being a part of the cleanup!

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