Dedicated Restoration Team

In February 2017, Natural Restorations launched our first Dedicated Restoration Team and began contracting Military Veterans. During our first 8 team projects, we removed more than 59 tons of trash and several panels of graffiti from the desert. To learn more about these projects, click HERE

Our Dedicated Restoration Team expands the impact of our vision by working throughout the year in areas that see repeated dumping, remote areas, areas too sensitive for a large number of volunteers, as well as graffiti removalWe are also connecting Veterans with nature to offer moments of peace that are sometimes difficult to find by providing them with contract work in nature and opportunities to restore Arizona's wilderness. 

We're proud of the work our Dedicated Restoration Team is accomplishing through our OHV Area Restoration Project, a project funded in part by a grant through the Off-Highway Vehicle Fund managed by Arizona State Parks Board. 

If you or your organization is interested in sponsoring our Dedicated Restoration Team and helping fund team projects, please contact us

Click HERE to watch a recent story from 12News about our Dedicated Restoration Team. 

Our Dedicated Restoration Team Projects shown above are funded in part by a grant through the Off-Highway Vehicle Fund Managed by Arizona State Parks Board. To learn more about this project that we are extremely proud to share with you, click HERE.