Natural Restorations 2019 OHV Areas Restoration Project


We are proud to announce Natural Restorations received another grant through the Arizona Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation (OHV) Fund administered by Arizona State Parks & Trails.

125.36 tons of trash & 20,298 sq ft of graffiti removed

Lower Sycamore OHV Area - February 2019

The Natural Restorations 2019 OHV Area Restoration Project is designed to address the long-standing issues of trash and illegal dumping in OHV areas. We remove trash and graffiti from natural areas surrounding OHV areas, trails, routes, while leaving a minimal footprint. We are completing 20 restoration projects with our Dedicated Restoration Team and 5 volunteer cleanup events in OHV areas. We are working on Arizona State Trust Land, the Tonto National Forest, the Coconino National Forest, the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest, and the Prescott National Forest.

06/08/19 Doce Pit OHV Area Volunteer Cleanup

Volunteer cleanup events provide close to home opportunities for youth, the OHV community, non-OHV community members, outdoor recreation groups, and State Parks employees. Our restorations will immediately improve the appearance and usability of the OHV areas included in our project.

Our volunteer events are the perfect opportunity for the OHV community, youth, and other community members to come out, learn lifelong stewardship, and change the way we leave natural areas. Please contact us for more information.

Our Dedicated Restoration Team has removed 98.45 tons (196,900 pounds) of trash

& 20,298 square feet of graffiti since starting the project in January.

Click HEre for updates on our dedicated restoration team

CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR Florence Boulders GRAffiti Removal Project from March 2019



ON June 8th, 2019 Volunteers helped us remove 4.27 tons of trash Doce Pit OHV Area on the Prescott National forest. Click HERE to view the entire event


ON January 19th, 2019 Volunteers helped us remove 22.64 tons of trash from the hewitt station ohv area in queen valley. view the project HERE.

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We are a 21CSC Member Organization through our Dedicated Restoration Team