Beardsley Boulders Graffiti Removal project

Graffiti & Graffiti Cover-up Removal 

The Beardsley Boulder Pile is a beloved climbing and recreation area located in North Phoenix and was in dire need of our help! We teamed up with Scott McDaniel from REI and Josh Parnell from City of Phoenix Parks & Recreation to remove graffiti painted on the Beardsley Boulders, as well as removing multiple layers of graffiti cover-up paint (and the many layers of graffiti from all sides of several large boulders). In 6 days, we received $2,698 in donations from the community to purchase supplies needed to restore these boulders to their natural beauty. Thank you so much to everyone who donated!

Making progress

In February, we started the project with cover-up removal testing on the face of Pencil Thin (pictured above). This entire boulder, along with many others in the area, was covered on all sides from top to bottom in layers of coverup paint (that's an 8 foot ladder next to the boulder). The first day, we removed most of the first layer of coverup paint. The next day, we went back to remove the graffiti that was underneath the coverup. Unfortunately, we found several additional layers of coverup paint and graffiti, including latex paint, which is more difficult to remove. 

We returned on March 11th, March 17th, April 3rd, and April 4th and removed over 1260 square feet of graffiti, not including the multiple layers of coverup paint on several of the large boulders. We have made a lot of progress, but we aren't finished! We need to spend a few more full days on-site to get through multiple coverup layers on several of the larger boulders and hit some high visibility spots higher up the boulder pile to wrap up the project. Unfortunately, due to increasing temperatures, we must wait until it cools down in the fall to resume the project. We want to ensure everyone, including volunteers, are safe in an area with little to no shade. Thank you to all of the volunteers and members of our Dedicated Restoration Team who have come out to help us on this project, we appreciate you so much!

Check out all of the graffiti we have removed so far at the Beardsley Boulder Pile in Phoenix - over 1260 square feet removed

Photos courtesy of Robert Coonrod

Photos courtesy of Coleman Becker

Photos courtesy of Joey Jarrell

Photos courtesy of Nick Bennett

Photos courtesy of Matt Reinhard

Pencil Thin Boulder

pictures of the coverup removal work in progress 

Removing graffiti coverups can be challenging because you never know what's underneath that first layer and how many additional layers are there. We are removing decades of graffiti and coverup paint on extremely large boulders (that's an 8 foot ladder in the pictures) and most of the boulders are completely covered in tan paint.

We cannot wait to complete this project in the fall!

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Thank you to everyone at Ascender Game Carrier! We carried four 58-pound jugs of water and our EcoBlaster Portable Pressure Washer with ease using our Ascender Game Carrier.

Beardsley Boulders Graffiti Cactus

Beardsley Boulders 'Graffiti Cactus' is once again just a cactus with a little water, gentle brushing, meticulous scraping around the needles, and countless pokes to our fingers. Thank you Scott McDaniel for your help!

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