Dedicated Restoration Team Application & Written Interview

We are looking for post-9/11 Military Veterans for our Dedicated Restoration Team. This is physically challenging work; we spend 8 hours days hiking and carrying heavy equipment and trash across difficult terrain for several miles. We also remove graffiti from areas that are challenging to access while carrying heavy equipment including a pressure washer and 58-pound jugs of water over rough terrain. Applicants must be able to carry 50+ pounds, hike and carry heavy items for 8 hours per day/5 days in a row, consistently arrive to job sites on time, and have reliable transportation to and from the job site or carpool site. We cannot stress the physical demands of the position enough, please heavily consider them before applying, the rest of our team will be depending on you to keep up with us.

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We are looking for post-9/11 Veterans to apply.
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Recent studies have shown that veterans benefit from the healing effects of nature.
You can learn more about our Dedicated Restoration Team by clicking on About and selecting Dedicated Restoration Team.
You can learn more about our Dedicated Restoration Team by clicking on About and selecting Dedicated Restoration Team.
Do you have reliable transportation and can you meet us everyday at a designated outdoor recreation or wilderness location at a designated time? *
We are working on grant projects and everyone on the team must arrive on time every day or it impacts the entire project and what we can accomplish as a team.
If you're only interested in projects within 1-2 hours of the Valley (primarily the East Valley) let us know. We cover the entire state so our project locations vary.
Are you interested in projects where we are camping? *
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