Almost Sunrise Explores Veteran Experiences

The film "Almost Sunrise" follows two Iraq veterans, Tom Voss and Anthony Anderson, both tormented by depression for years after they returned home and pushed to the edge of suicide. The two embark on an extraordinary journey -- a 2,700 mile walk across the country from Wisconsin to California, in order to reflect on their haunting experiences of war and to ultimately, save themselves. To see a preview and view their action campaign to prevent veteran suicide click HERE.

An important part of our vision is to provide jobs for veterans on our dedicated restoration team. We're working extremely hard to make this dream a reality. It can be difficult for readjusting to civilian life, especially after deployment in dangerous environments.

We want to provide veterans a relatively stress-free work experience where they can be out in nature, learning and implementing site restoration skills. In the upcoming weeks and months, we will begin sharing our personal story and discuss why giving back to veterans means so much to us. Stay tuned!

Please check out this article about the difficulties veterans face when returning home from combat. You can still donate to the Action Campaign to prevent veteran suicide, click HERE