7,040 Pounds of Trash Removed from Cinder Hills OHV Area

Our Dedicated Restorations Team removed 7,040 pounds of trash, including thousands of nails from illegal pallet fires burned on roads and trails, from the Cinder Hills OHV Are in #Flagstaff this summer. We're extremely proud of the work our team has accomplished since launching in February. Our Team has removed more than 59 tons of trash through projects funded by a grant from the OHV-Fund managed by Arizona State Park Board. 

Including volunteer events, we have removed more than 114 tons of trash in 2017, that's more than 228,000 pounds of trash no longer littering outdoor recreation & wilderness areas across our state! Thank you so much to every who volunteers with us & supports our mission! 

We have a lot of great volunteer opportunities coming up, check out our Events Calendar

9/10/17 Trash Cleanup Along the Arizona Trail Behind Mary's Caf in Flagstaff - 9AM to Noon

9/23/17 Cinder Hills OHV Area Trash Cleanu in Flagstaff - 9AM to 1PM

10/21/17 Lower Sycamore Cleanu - 8AM to Noon

11/24/17 Green Friday Salt River Cleanu - 8AM to Noon