Huppybar Discount for Natural Restorations


We had the opportunity to try HuppyBar a few weeks ago at the Arizona Trail Day Celebration in Flagstaff and we cannot stop talking about how good they are, the clean ingredients used in each bar, and how much our Natural Restorations Community would love not only the bars, but the vision behind them. 

We are very excited to team up with our friends at Huppybar to bring you a Natural Restorations discount for 15% off your purchase with Huppybar when you use the code NR15 during checkout. You will also start to see Huppybars at some upcoming cleanup events. Click HERE to get yours today and support this amazing Flagstaff-based business. 

Did you know Huppybar makes the Official Energy Bar of the Arizona National Scenic Trail? Not only does the AZT Wild Mesquite Bar taste amazing, they use AZ-grown ingredients and the bars are grain, gluten, soy, and dairy free, contain no preservatives, refined sugars, or GMOs, and a portion of the proceeds from this bar will help maintain and protect the Arizona National Scenic Trail.