BackCountry SuperFoods Donating 100% of Profits on 11/23!

BC Superfoods.png

We want to thank and give a huge shout out to Nick and Lili from Backcountry Superfoods for donating 100% of their proceeds from Green Friday Sales on 11/23 to Natural Restorations!

Nick is a Military Veteran and was a member of our 2017 Dedicated Restoration Team. He and his wife, Lili, run BackCountry SuperFoods and make awesome videos of their adventures and the different backpacking foods they try along the way. They stock a great selection of various backpacking foods, much of which is Paleo friendly and sustainably packaged. 

If you are stocking up for an upcoming trip, please shop with Backcountry Superfoods on Green Friday and beyond. Click HERE to visit their website.