135.5 Tons of Trash Removed in 2017

(135.5 Tons).png

Happy New Year! We're excited for 2018 and the opportunity to reach the goals we set for the new year. We are proud of what we accomplished in 2017. We removed 135.5 tons of trash from Arizona's outdoor recreation and wilderness areas in 2017, that's 271,000 pounds of trash no longer littering our beautiful state.  

In 2017, we launched our Dedicated Restoration Team and greatly increased our impact. Our team removed 138,740 pounds of trash and several panels of graffiti painted on rock faces through an Off-Highway Vehicle grant administered by the Arizona State Parks and Trails Board. Read more about that project HERE. Volunteers also helped us removed another 132,260 pounds of trash across 10 different cleanup events! Thank you to everyone who joined us in 2017 and helped us keep natural areas clean and open to the public to enjoy!⠀⠀


In less than 3 years, we've removed 204.8 tons of trash from Arizona, that's 409,600 pounds of trash removed and we've only just begun!

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