04/18/18 Lilly's Global Plastics Pickup

Happy 10th Birthday to our friend Lilly from Lilly's Plastics Pickup! In honor of Lilly's birthday on April 18th and to celebrate Lilly's Global Birthday Plastic Pickup Day we went for a walk along the canal by our house and filled a bag with 30.3 pounds of trash and plastics in 30 minutes. ⠀

It was pretty disturbing how much trash we found in such a short amount of time. We found plastic, fishing line, food wrappers and plastic food containers, fishing line, beer cans and glass bottles, a hat, a broken VHS tape, lots of plastic bags that were either in the water or half buried in the dirt and more!⠀

We would like to encourage everyone to take 30 minutes to an hour, go for a walk around your neighborhood or local park, and see the impact you can make in a short amount of time. Be sure to tag #lillysglobalcleaupdayand #naturalrestorations ⠀

Lilly is 10 years old and lives in the Netherlands. Not only does she pick up trash and plastics in her area, she also spreads global awareness of the trash and plastics problem and brings a lot of attention to the negative impacts plastics and trash have on wildlife. Lilly is a huge source of inspiration to us! Check out her Facebook and Instagram accounts and we know you'll be inspired too!⠀

Shout out to American Rivers for their support of our cleanups of waterways!

Lillys 2.png