Letters of Support for OHV-Fund Grant Application

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Help Us Increase Our Impact

We would like to ask for your help. We are applying for our 2nd grant from the OHV-Fund managed by the Arizona State Parks Board and we want to include as many letters of support from the community as possible.

Letters can be emailed to
contact@naturalrestorations.org by Tuesday, August 28th to be included in our grant proposal. Thank you for your time and support! 

Your brief letter or email can help fund upcoming projects for volunteers and our Dedicated Restoration Team

Need for Our Restoration Projects
If you agree there is a need for our trash & graffiti removal projects in Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) areas across Arizona, we would greatly appreciate it if you would write a brief letter or email of support to include in our grant application. If you cannot sign your letter/email, please include your full name and a phone number. 

Some of the areas we are targeting in our application include Butcher Jones, Mesquite Wash, Lower Sycamore, Bulldog Canyon, Sugar Loaf, Four Peaks, and the Cinder Hills in Flagstaff. 

OHV & Outdoor Recreation Groups & Clubs
If you like to ride and recreate in OHV areas and you want to see these areas free from trash and graffiti and open for everyone to enjoy, please send a letter of support. Let the grant committee know what it means to you to ride on trails free from trash and graffiti and why clean trails are important to the OHV community. If you’re a member of an OHV group or outdoor recreation group, ask your Board of Directors to submit a letter of support.  

Youth & Family Volunteer Opportunities
If you like that we provide volunteer opportunities for families and for youth to learn about lifelong stewardship and responsible outdoor recreation, please include that in your letter. If you have brought your kids out to our events or you belong to a youth group that volunteers with us, we would love to hear from you! For upcoming volunteer opportunities, click HERE

General Support
If you haven't volunteered with us yet, we still want to hear from you. You can submit a letter of support to help show the grant committee that keeping OHV areas free from trash and graffiti is an important part of keeping them open for the public and future generations to enjoy. Everyone should be able to enjoy these areas without seeing trash and graffiti.

In 2017, we received a grant from the OHV-Fund managed by the Arizona State Parks Board. We completed 11 weeks of restoration projects with our Dedicated Restoration Team and removed 69 tons of trash and 557 square feet of graffiti from OHV areas across the state, including Lower Sycamore, Mesquite Wash, Butcher Jones, and the Cinder Hills OHV area in Flagstaff. We also hosted 4 volunteer events and removed an additional 12 tons of trash from Lower Sycamore, Butcher Jones, and the Cinder Hills. Learn more HERE.  


We are happy to report that we received this grant! Check it out HERE!